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Friday, July 23, 2010

Heart Attack at 41?

I think I came as close to one as a mom could yesterday. The girls and I were washing cows at the fair. I was talking to someone in the barn when people start yelling for me to come. My 10 yo daughter (Baby D) was lying in the mud, curled up and crying.
She was knocked down and stomped twice by another kid's cow that she was walking to the water tank. That old girl just freaked for no reason on her.
Praise God she ended up with only bruises and scrapes!
I can't describe the feeling in my gut when I saw her! And I couldn't get there fast enough!
This was a good reminder to the kids that these are really, really big and sometimes unpredictable animals. It could've been a lot worse!
The other blessing to this is: after a shower, some ice, Advil and Band Aids, Baby D went on to show her calf and compete in showmanship. I'm grateful she's not totally frightened of handling the cattle. I thought that showed a lot of courage for a 10 yo!
the girls did well in the show and had a fun day overall--which is the reason for all this.
PS: this is a big experiment. It's my first remote post from my Blackberry, so I hope it works!


  1. WOW! I know exactly what you are talking about! So glad she is ok, and big kuddos for getting back out there and showing her calf. Hang in there Mom!

  2. Crazy. My hubby got hurt by a calf once, and it always scares me. Glad she's okay!

  3. Way to show her stuff and get back out there!

  4. wow, that's scary! I'm so glad that she is okay!

    ~ ~