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Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Now Serving..." Me??

Something happened the other day that struck me as really, really dumb.
So, had to share.

I stopped in the local JoAnn's, which had recently moved to a new location and took on a new look.

They've added a new feature to their fabric-cutting counter... A "Take a Number" stand.

I walk up to the counter. And, even though I was one of perhaps 3 customers in the entire store--and none were in sight of the counter--the lady told me I had to take a number.

Me:  "You're kidding, right?"
Her:  "No. We have to do that now."
Me (playing along):  "Okay..."

Then, she walks to the new built-in microphone and picks it up as she flips a switch to the digital counter above her head.

Me:  "Are you really going to call my number?"
Her:  "Yes. The boss says we have to."
Her (in the microphone to the entire store):  "Now serving Number 16."
And, I had to hand her my number.

I almost peed my pants laughing at how dumb the whole thing was. But, I think she felt embarrassed enough, so I bit my lip.

Whatever. Rules are rules.

Hey, if you're in Central Indiana next Wednesday, there's a cool food event going on at the Indiana Historical Society. Tickets are still available.
It's called "Zest and Zing" and they'll be featuring local foods and local chefs in a cook-off.
Here's the link if you're interested:  Zest & Zing Info