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Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Now Serving..." Me??

Something happened the other day that struck me as really, really dumb.
So, had to share.

I stopped in the local JoAnn's, which had recently moved to a new location and took on a new look.

They've added a new feature to their fabric-cutting counter... A "Take a Number" stand.

I walk up to the counter. And, even though I was one of perhaps 3 customers in the entire store--and none were in sight of the counter--the lady told me I had to take a number.

Me:  "You're kidding, right?"
Her:  "No. We have to do that now."
Me (playing along):  "Okay..."

Then, she walks to the new built-in microphone and picks it up as she flips a switch to the digital counter above her head.

Me:  "Are you really going to call my number?"
Her:  "Yes. The boss says we have to."
Her (in the microphone to the entire store):  "Now serving Number 16."
And, I had to hand her my number.

I almost peed my pants laughing at how dumb the whole thing was. But, I think she felt embarrassed enough, so I bit my lip.

Whatever. Rules are rules.

Hey, if you're in Central Indiana next Wednesday, there's a cool food event going on at the Indiana Historical Society. Tickets are still available.
It's called "Zest and Zing" and they'll be featuring local foods and local chefs in a cook-off.
Here's the link if you're interested:  Zest & Zing Info

Monday, January 16, 2012

I See What the Problem Is...

I've been feeling guilty about not blogging lately. 
Only, I didn't realize how long it's been until today.
Yeah, more than a month.

Well, I figured out what the problem is. And this post is a classic example.

I started this post more than an hour ago.
But, as I sat down with a glass of tea and a couple crackers, BabyD started yelling "Oh, no! Oh, no! Mom!!!"
So, I went running.
Yeah, the dog (that blessed 80+ pound yellow beast we all know and love) peed in the front room.

This is an extremely rare event. In the 6 years she's lived here, I bet this might be the second or third time.

So, I run to grab towels.
(I withhold the urge to slap my kid, who, instead of jumping into action, doubles over laughing at the size of the puddle. Is she really related to me?)
I soak it up the best I can.
Then I go fetch the carpet steamer out of the basement, which leads to moving around stuff that wasn't put away.
Then I have to make up cleaning solution and run the machine.
That moves me to run the washing machine so the stinky towels aren't sitting around until Saturday.
Only, it's not a full load.
So, I went from room to room, gathering up the single shirts and pants and such that were worn yesterday, after weekly laundry was done.
Only, when I get to the laundry room, I'm reminded of how badly the floor and rugs in there needs swept and cleaned.
So, I go fetch the broom and start that task. 
Only, the shoe holes in the cubbies need to be cleaned out. Yeah, there's still a pair of sandals in there, blocking the spot for winter boots.

And so it goes...
Now, an hour later, I'm finally sitting down to finish what I started.
I'm just too busy to break out the computer.

So, what  I started to blog about was the latest milestone in my life 
(insert trumpet blasts here)...
I got my braces off!

FINALLY! After 3 years and 2 months, I'm free of those horrible orthodontia!
Yeah, I'm stuck full-timin' it with a retainer for a few months, until I can shift to night-only.

Braces on...
Braces off...

Now, the Nut Binge has begun.
I'm loading up on almonds and cashews and peanuts to my heart's content.
Did I mention my family blessed me with about 6 pounds of nuts for Christmas?
I've been doing without for so long. (The one time I cheated, I broke a wire and got the corresponding lecture from Dr. B.)
Forget the sticky candy and taffy... I'm nuttin' it up!

Meanwhile, in my absence from the web, I've been doing a lot of sewing and knitting and cooking up tons of freezer meals for the kids to take to lunch at school. And, much to my family's regret, I've also been in purge mode. Yeah, I'm throwing stuff out left and right. 
So, all in all, my non-blogging time has been well spent.
And, the Christmas tree was actually down by New Year's! haha!