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Saturday, March 26, 2011

We're on a Mission From God...

It's finally spring break at our house.
(Finally? What am I saying? How did it get to be spring break already?!? Seems like we were taking the Christmas tree down about two days ago... but I digress...)

Anyway, the daughters and I are packing up today for a little spring break adventure.

The girls' school (which, in full disclosure, is part of our church) is doing a mission trip to two of the most economically depressed counties in the United States. We're going to an area in the Cumberland Mountain region to serve some folks who have little economic opportunity. We know we're going to be doing some painting and some yard work and minor repairs for some of the residents there.

This should be really interesting. I've never been on a service-type trip before, domestic or international. This trip was originally planned for Mexico, but was changed because of security issues that some of the border towns have been having lately. And, for those of us chaperoning middle school girls (for some reason no boys signed up!), I can appreciate that.

We're excited to go. I've always wanted to do a mission trip as a family. This is sort of a test run for us. (The Husband is staying behind to fix a leaking shower knob--kind of glad I don't have to be here!) I really think my girls need to experience how other people live, and gain a better understanding of just how much God has blessed our lives. And find out that, yes, there IS something they can eat for a snack in our kitchen. And, yes, they surely have something to wear today. Not that my girls are particularly bad about those attitudes. But I certainly think we can all lack gratitude for what we we have.

We're praying for a good trip right now. (After all, we're taking a group of TEEN GIRLS who may be using power tools!) That we can be a blessing to these people, and demonstrate God's love in a tangible way.

Happy Spring, everyone! And I'll see you in a week (or so, after I tackle all that laundry when we get back!)


  1. I hope you have a great time and that the girl learn a lot! i think it is a great thing to do as a mommy and family!


  2. What a great experience for all of you!

  3. Where is Cumberland Mountain? Is it in the US? I know of a Cumberland, Wisconsin. Well, where ever it may be, have a fullfilling time. Will the Blues Brothers be there? :)
    Love and Peace,

  4. Your title made me laugh -- loved the Blues Brothers. I thought it was going to be a post about spring cleaning -- far from it! Good luck on your trip, and kudos for your community service! (And thanks for your insightful comments over on my blog -- I responded to you over there in case you don't see it).

  5. Praying that your work is a sign of God's love for the people you are serving! Have a great week.

  6. If those girls can run a blow drier and a curling or straightening thingy, they will be fine. Bless your heart for doing this. I may cause a ruckus, but I strongly feel that we should take care of our own before we go to another country to take care of others. NO disrespect to anyone in despair, I just know that there are many in our own country going hungry and wondering where they will sleep tonight. Blessings!