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Friday, November 11, 2011

Thinking of Loaning My Kid to the NBA to Move Their Negotiations Along

I did something really, really stupid this week.
(Yeah, yeah. I can hear you muttering "so what else is new?" all the way from here.)
I managed to lose my diamond anniversary ring.

I made it a little more than 10 years without misplacing it even once.
Don't I get credit for that???
The Husband bought it for me in honor of our 10th wedding anniversary.  Anyway, that was a while ago.

Fast-forward 10 years and a couple months, and you find me losing my ring---who knows where!?!
I discovered it was gone when I went to put on my watch and other daily bling on Tuesday morning. I knew I had it on when I came home Monday. I was so sure I remembered doing my daily routine, which includes taking off all jewelry as soon as I get home... before I make dinner or do anything else. (This habit dates back to my mother-in-law giving me a lecture on how to care for nice jewelry back when I received my engagement ring.)

That evening, the search-and-find mission began. Only, we turned up nothing. The Husband even got out a medal detector (because Real Men always deploy as much technology as possible to complete any task), which he ran under our bed, through my closet and under the dressers. I even pulled out every piece of garbage, one by one, in the trash can just in case I dropped it there.

To motivate the girls' participation in this quest, The Husband offered $20 to whomever finds it.
Well, long story short:  I found it Thursday morning. (Relief!) In the laundry room. On the floor. In plain sight.
Of course, I called The Husband and told him right away.

The girls found out that evening when we got home.
LittleD's first response was, "Does Dad know? Because you can tell him I found it, so he'll give me the 20 bucks--and I'll split it with you."
What? How's that work?
"Yeah," considering her lack of a good case, "You can keep $15 and I'll keep $5."
Excuse me?
Then BabyD walks in. And hears the whole deal.

Recognizing her entire scheme is now seriously threatened now, LittleD has a new offer.
"Tell Dad I found it, and I'll keep $5, you can keep $10 and she can have $5, too."
Nothing like hush money to shut up you baby sister.

Not that I'm missing any major league basketball games, don't you think those mediators could benefit from the services of a cash-starved teen? I think she can find a middle ground where everyone profits--even when they don't necessarily deserve it.


  1. So glad you found it! There were signs posted at the park with a map of where a man thought he lost his ring. Husband and I spent an hour trying to find his ring. No luck.

  2. Sure glad you found it. I felt terrible when I lost mine last year and found it a month later with a detector in the leaves. Kids can negotiating maybe that is a good thing

  3. I am so happy you found your ring. What a relief! And yes -- your daughter may have a promising future career in labor negotiations. Or politics. (But you'll have to encourage her to use those powers for GOOD rather than evil!) :)

  4. Kids are a trip.
    I crush, magle and paint my ring from time too time, but I won't let hubby buy a new one. I like what I have. :)

  5. Sounds like BigD and LittleD are quite the creative thinkers! Glad the ring was found!

    I'm your newest follower. I found your blog over at Friday Follow Forty and over. I'm always on the lookout for other moms with teens. Although I have a daughter who is 27, I'm experiencing the teen years over again with my son who is now 15!

  6. SO glad you found your ring! That is just the worst feeling, well maybe not THE worst, but it's bad enough to make you sick. I think the girls have been watching too many "Broken Penguin" commercials from Steak and Shake. YOU keep the $20 and buy a nice box to put your ring in when you take it off!

  7. Just found your blog on Never Growing Old: Follow Friday. Looking forward to you posts.

  8. Glad you found your ring! I’ve always been afraid of losing my wedding ring, so I keep it around my finger or close to me at all times. Also, I always make sure that I put my ring in the jewelry box whenever I take it off. In other news, I think the kids might turn out to be great negotiators in the future. Haha!

    *Bridget Rossi

  9. Haha. You had a great “lost and found adventure” there, huh! :D I love the fact that a simple search turned into a serious, yet fun, quest! You should really be grateful to your girls for their help! Haha!

    Kimmy Barnes