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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

If A Tree Falls When You're Sleeping, Does It Make A Sound?

I'm a very heavy sleeper.

Here's my proof:

Last night's ice and wind took down this big ol' maple in our front yard about midnight--and I totally slept through it!

The Husband, who was watching TV in the basement, thought we were having an earthquake.
Even our neighbor heard it at his house.

It didn't just fall over--it was uprooted.

This big beauty was really a landmark in our front yard.
Our house is never going to look the same. The itty-bitty one we planted a few years ago to be its successor just hasn't earned the glory of a tree with a 4-foot diameter.
How are you fairing in the ice and snow?

We hunkered down and stayed home today. I'm blessed (?) to be able to work from home. So, I've done about 4 hours worth today. Beyond that, we played Wii and worked out and napped. Might be able to get used to this pace!

I just hope this doesn't go one for many more days!

I had the foresight to stock up on milk and fruit and stuff. I filled water jugs so we'll have water if the power goes out. We have plenty of gas for the generator, which will get the well pump going again, if we need it. We also have plenty of dry firewood stock-piled. (Obviously, we'll have even more come spring!!)

My only real concern is running out of toilet paper.

Now that would be a family emergency!!


  1. Good luck! We lived through an epic ice storm 2 years ago -- they are no joke! Take care of yourselves. Sorry about your tree. :(

  2. Well no worries, you can always use the newspaper, although that's a little though...
    Maybe your daughter reads the cosmo or people magazine....??? LOL


  3. How sad about your tree. Where I grew up we had a tree in our front yard that I just adored. A few years after we sold that place I took a drive through the neighborhood just to look around. Can you believe the new owners cut down that big beautiful tree. It broke my heart. So odd how we become attached to thins isn't it? Stay in and stay safe. Ice Storms are no fun.

  4. That's crazy that big tree fell although I have to admit I am a similiar sleeper. Glad to hear you are all prepared for the storm. Hope you stay safe and warm.

  5. I could sleep through a freight train running through my bedroom, so I understand! Sorry your beautiful tree fell; we had at least 4 come down yesterday. I'm waiting on daylight to see how the rest of the woods fared through the night!

  6. I'm so sad about your tree! That's what I hate about the ice. It takes history with it. Glad everyone is ok and that you still have power. Hang in there. Maybe we farmer gals can gather up some corn cobs and send them your way ;-)

  7. I asked my hubby if we should go out and check our trees... he then asked me exactly what I thought he was going to do if he saw one in trouble...

  8. Sorry about your tree that sucks - we have three in our yard I continually worry about and keep thinking I need to plant it's successor but haven't done it yet!
    We knew someone a long time ago who was always running out of tolit paper cause his wife never bought enough - one day he showed up with a pallot of it in the back of his truck and put it in the garage!
    @Cris - your comment made me laugh out loud!

  9. Running out of TP is my worst nightmare.

    This is the first year as far as I can remember we didn't have any snow if you don't count the 2" snowfall (I don't) that was gone 2 hours later just before Christmas. I am not used to winter without snow, but I guess it's better then what is going on your way.