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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Do you decorate for holidays?

I know lady in my town, Pat, who goes all-out for holidays. She decorates for everything--Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, all of them. And by decorate, I mean does a complete accessory remodel of her home.

From the front porch to the bathroom, every inch of her house and every flat surface is covered with something "festive". You can't set a glass of tea down because of the ceramic eggs, plastic bunnies and silk flowers this time of year. And it's like this for every season!
Whenever I've graced her home, I get totally distracted by one, single thought:
Where does she store all this stuff???

Anyway, now Easter is just around the corner and the family will be gathering at my house for a big ol' ham. (With apologies to all you sheep producers out there, I must say I detest lamb--and ain't no amount of mint jelly is going to cover that up!) As I did one final cupboard inventory today, to avoid going to the grocery store on a Friday before a holiday, I started thinking about how to doll-up my table.

I saw a Better Homes and Gardens piece with Easter table decorating ideas. So, once again, I'm feeling like a holiday hostess failure.

Yeah, I'll get out one of my good table clothes, and the gold-trimmed china my mother-in-law gave me. But I really don't know what to do beyond that. I saw a really fancy dessert I was thinking of serving, but it seems out-of-place on my plain old table and my non-festive family.

The fact that my family doesn't appreciate such things--or the effort behind it--makes me feel like I live amongst wolves. I'm sure the girls will dress up for Easter Sunday at church. They'll look lovely sitting beside The Husband in his good jeans, I'm sure.

Am I the only one with a husband who thinks anything beyond the usual is silly?
I think we're living at the intersection of boring and why bother.

But, that's okay, I guess. The important thing is we'll have a fun time watching the daughters and the nieces run around the yard (weather-permitting) searching for eggs.


  1. We could be neighbors! Where does she store all that stuff and who has time to do a total house makeover for every holiday?
    We have an open beef show on Sat., my girls asked if they could have new show shirts instead of an Easter dress, which on this corner of Boring and Why Bother suits me just fine, because a show shirt will get a lot more bang for it's buck!
    HAPPY EASTER - I think being with family is festive enough - no one remembers what the table decor was just who was at the table!

  2. Just put a peep or a jelly bean in everyone's plate and smile! Easter is about so much more, but maybe a little dark chocolate egg or bunny would also be a good idea ;-)

  3. In our house we are lucky to have the Christmas decor all put away before Easter...which reminds me I need to put up all the "candles" in the windows!! haha! Have a Happy Easter!!