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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Goin' To the Movies--On a Week Day?!?

Guess who actually went to the movies before the show hit the cheap joint second-run theatres?!
Yes, me.
And, during the week no less!

Actually, I took my Girl Scout troop to see Soul Surfer after school today.
We meet twice a month and I adjust my work schedule to leave a little early those days for our meetings.
But, today, I just felt like I was playin' hookie or something. When do I ever go to the movies?

Actually, I needed this. A couple relaxing hours without my Blackberry and no one demanding asking anything of me. It's been a stressful three weeks.

Here's my review:
This is the true story of Bethany Hamilton and her come-back after a shark attack that took her left arm.
It was really a great movie to see with my Girl Scouts. I'm not saying it was the most compelling acting I've ever seen, but the message in the movie was great for this age group.

(I admit I was a little distracted by how much Helen Hunt had aged since I'd seen her last. I almost didn't recognize her. Not that she looked bad--she's still beautiful. She's just an older version.)

The movie is good material for mom-daughter discussions about what's important in life, faith, attitude, courage, how to treat others and trying your best. Bethany is a way-better role model than that Miley Cyrus.

BabyD declared the movie "great". One of my Scouts announced, "This is in the top 3 movies I've ever seen." (How's that review from a 13-year-old when the show has no vampires?)

The shark attack scene happened very quickly, and with only minimal gore if you have a weak stomach. Not too icky at all.

If you have a teen or pre-teen in your house/life, I'd recommend it.

Now, here's my editorial on the TOTAL RIP-OFF prices at the concession counter:

Explain to me how 3 slurpees, 2 popcorn tubs (yeah, large), a water, a Sprite and 2 boxes of M&Ms can cost as much as the nice Italian dinner for four we had for our anniversary last night?!?!?! (Granted, we didn't order any alcohol at the restaurant. But, I had to save my money for the comparably priced fruity shaved-ice drink at the movie theatre!!!!)

And, I'm not even including the cost of the tickets... Which were matinee-priced, but still ridiculously high.
No wonder people sneak snacks into the theatre. I should've recieved free M&Ms with what I paid!
(Please note:  I did NOT sneek candy in on this trip, as I did not want to set a bad example for the impressionable youth accompanying me. Can you hear the choir of angels behind me praising my virtues?)

I'm betting the profits of one Regal Cinema on a busy opening weekend of a hit show could rival the gross national product of a small Pacific island nation.
Want a way to fund education? Replace the gym with a movie theater. At the goin' rate, they could replace yellow buses with stretch limos.

And that's my commentary on going to the movies.
I say wait until it's out on video, but watch Soul Surfer with your favorite kid.
And pop your own corn.


  1. You need to come up to watch movies with us. It's $5 for adults, $3 for kids, and the food is good and priced about 30 years behind the times! Soul Surfer is playing here too. I'm not sure we can work it in to our schedule, but I will keep an eye out for it when it makes the small screen! I've honestly been wondering about Helen Hunt since we watcher "Twister" last week. Now I know!

  2. Im happy you had a girls night out!!!


    hugs and kisses

  3. Haha catching up on my reading.... The name is a whole new blog post.... ;-)


  4. Interesting. Thanks for this review. My girls are probably still a little too young, but it's good to know there are a couple of pre-teen movies out there. I'm thinking my son would think this is a chick flick.

  5. BabyD,
    The movie was GREAT! I loved it I think even some boys would like it. I would like to read the book even though I know what happens.