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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Bunch of Balloons: A Social Commentary

I've decided my new go-to accessory is going to be two dozen helium-filled balloons.
I don't often walk around with them gracing my wrists, but I think I need to change that.
Last night was sports banquet night at my girls' school. I was in charge of balloons.
So, I picked up a dozen each, blue and white, on my way from the office.

You know what happened?
EVERYBODY I passed in the shopping plaza and parking lot smiled and said hello.
Even the cool, young dude driving by  in his lo-rider had to put his window down for a "Hi, there!"

I thought this is great commentary on our society.
I mean, who can't help but smile at a giant bunch of balloons bumping around some one's head?
If that what it takes to drive the crabbies out of my life, I think I'm on it.
And, I could color-coordinate for my outfit. Or my mood.
Maybe I can get one of those silvery Mylar jobs when I'm in the mood for something less obnoxious.

I'm sure seeing me shove the gas-filled mass into the back of my car without them taking off in the wind (which HAD to pick up as I crossed the parking lot!) or popping any of them had to provide some level of amusement for others. I'm sure.

I will say:  The real entertainment came later, when I got to school. In the space of my 15-minute drive, a storm blew in. When I couldn't wait it out any longer, I made a break for it, balloons in tow.
The ribbons were SO TANGLED, it took two of us 10 minutes to get them apart!

Anybody want to join me and make this a real fashion trend?


  1. Lol Sounds like it could be fun. I wonder where you get them around here? There must be a party store somewhere...the town isn't that small. I will have to check into this. Thanks for the idea!

  2. I have TEN of them in my house, a "gift" from my neighbor after they served as table decorations at our church's graduation brunch. OMG! They are the root of all evil here in this house. I was getting ready for the brown bag yesterday, and heard them downstairs screaming at each other about whose balloon was whomever's! SHEESH! I promptly marched myself down the stairs and said the next argument caused by the balloons would result in me popping TWO! No more cross words in the last 24 hrs.! :-) SO glad you had better results from yours!

  3. Lol! It is so true... Similarly, I think about how different people act all the time when I have my very outgoing won't-take-silence-for-an-answer three year old with me to the grocery store. She says hi and people light up... I always think how different the world would be if we all greeted everyone we met like a 3 yr old does... or those who meet a woman with a bunch of balloons in your case :)