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Monday, July 25, 2011

Hollywood: Nothing New Under the Sun

So, I'm sitting here watching Footloose with BabyD.
Yes, Footloose, the 1984 original.

It was part of a negotiated deal as an incentive to finish cleaning her room (including closet) in a timely manner.
I really didn't think she'd do it.
So, I lose.

No matter how fond the memories of great 80s movies... I never liked Footloose.Actually, it wasn't the movie so much as it was the sound track... still can't stand it.

And, guess what?
Some genius in Hollywood thinks it's a good idea to remake it.

Can someone explain this to me?
Are there no good ideas left in the movie capital of the world???
Apparently not, if they have to dig-up the smurfs again. (Didn't like them, either.)

Shall I go on?
Dukes of Hazard (that's 2 hours of my life I'll never get back)
Freaky Friday
The Karate Kid
King Kong
The Nutty Professor
Ocean's Eleven
The Parent Trap
The Shaggy Dog
Herbie the Love Bug
(Can you tell I'm particularly annoyed by the classic Disney pics of my youth?)
I could go on...

Can't they well enough alone?
Now I've heard that remakes are in the works for The Birds (you're going to improve on Hitchcock???) and Gilligan's Island. Really?

The worst part is:  They never get any better. I have full confidence that the new version of Footloose is going to be trashier than ever.
All I can say is:  This is why I rarely go to the movies. And I don't have much hope for the future...


  1. Ha ha ha... I love the soundtrack, hate the movie!

  2. I'm with you. I love movies but I never seem to find the time. I have to see matinees when I go because I fall asleep in the evening. Snore.... and that's no fun.

  3. No, no, of COURSE a remake is long overdue! What could be a more telling metaphor for our times than a movie featuring bad hairdos, impromptu dance sequences, and games of Tractor Chicken?

    (And -- oops -- I have very fond memories of dancing like a doofus to the theme song).

  4. I agree.....absolutely. I love the original versions except The Shaggy Dog....I actually like the remake better....

    Dukes....the worst remake by far.

  5. There were also remakes of "Carrie" and "The Shining" in the last few years. No way that goofy guy from Wings can match Jack Nicholson in The Shining... What were they thinking?

    And I love the "new" shows on televisions - Hawaii 5-0? Really? And I just heard that TBS is bring back Dallas next summer.

    There really is nothing new!!

  6. I'm right there with you on the re-making of bad......TV shows also:) Have a great day!