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Friday, September 30, 2011

Five Reasons Why I' Should Trade in My Car for an RV

I've been thinkin', and I think I have come up with the PERFECT solution to help working moms keep their sanity:  Trade in that SUV or mini van for mobile home!

I think if you take a peek inside my beloved Acadia, you'll see why...

 Front Passenger Seat:
Complete with misc. school supplies (for homework in the car), my coat for unpredictable
temps, a gently used old kid coat to donate to the Coats for Kids, and assorted magazines,
sale ads and coupons to read and sort while I'm waiting on the girls. 

The Front Floor Board:
Now, I did go to the trouble of tidying up for you a bit... you're not seeing the four
empty water bottles and the assorted Kleenex and granola bar wrappers that were there
the day before. I do keep an ample supply of snacks (the Wheat Thins are mine) and audio
books for some quality commuting time. The green thing is a folder with a wide array of
restaurant coupons and grocery ads, because what good are they at home?

Back Seat:
This is the Daughter Zone. Baby wipes (in the enclosed container, so they all don't dry out
when someone doesn't close the lid!), school bags, a change of clothes (I think these are have
been there less than a week--we're making progress!), and a stash of granola bars, pencils and hairbrushes
in the basket. You can't see the gallon carton of Goldfishies under the pink shirt.
Are you noticing the used Kleenexes peeking out?
Yeah. Ick.

Way Back:
You think the way back is any better? Hardly! I can't put the third row of seats up--where would
I keep all the stuff??? Like a cooler with sandwiches to everyone before a late tennis practice, 
folding camp chairs for watching matches, a cooler with water bottles, rackets, a bag full of rain ponchos and wind breakers and, what?, don't you keep a couple dozen tennis balls and the school's
ball thrower in the back of your car? 

Are you with me on this? Don't you think a drive-around RV would simplify my life??

I know, on the surface, you might be thinking that's a dumb idea-
-where you going to park it? 
-don't they get bad gas mileage?
But, hear me out...

 These are my top reasons why I think an RV is the perfect MomMobile:
5.  I can organize and stow all the clothing changes the kids and I need. This is especially helpful this time of year, when it's 51 degrees when you leave the house, soars to 76 degrees by 4:30 tennis team practice, the suddenly bursts out raining. No more forgetting tennis shoes or a sweatshirt... It's all right there!

4.  Food!  With an on-board fridge and microwave and sink, dinner will be a snap. We don't have to pack coolers or run through the drive-up.

3. Space. Sometimes I feel like we're living in my car. We eat there, read there, study there, change clothes there, wait for extended periods of time there. Wouldn't it be great to have a table and chairs and a couch to spread out homework or watch a movie while you wait for the next after-school meeting or whatever? 

2.  My very own bathroom. What could be better than that? Especially when we're at an away game at another school. Some of those joints put their restroom facilities on the other side of the nowhere! And, 9 times out of 10, they're out of TP when you get there! Bathroom Bonus:  Fewer cooties!

1.  A bed. Let's be honest:  Sometimes, after a long day at work, all I really want is a short cat nap between meetings or sports team stops. Compared to the front seat of my car, the thought of a bed in the back of my RV just warms my heart. And, besides, it's not just for me--sometimes the girls could use a nap, too.

Now. Tell that doesn't make a lot of sense.
Do you think the automakers are listening? I think this could be a whole new category for sales.
Tell me this wouldn't solve all my issues...
Now, I just might have to sell our house and actually live one like this... 


  1. We had parents who brought their RV to pom competitions so the girls had food and a place to get away. So it isn't as crazy an idea as you think.

  2. Space and safety are important considerations when buying a mom's car. Given the number of things that you will need to bring along when traveling with kids, you will need ample space to place your things and your child's things. And about safety, all parents want their kids to be safe at all times.

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