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Thursday, August 5, 2010

American Gothic: First Cold, Then Hot

Since everyone in Indiana is blogging about the gigantic American Gothic statue that's moved into the State Fairgrounds, I thought I'd put some contrast on how it looks in this 94-degree weather.

Here's what it looked like at 19 degrees (with sleet!), back in January, in Chicago!!!
(That's Little D and Baby D shivering in their parkas!)
Where would you rather be? Sweating or Shivering?
We saw it totally by accident when we made an excursion to the American Girl store. We HAD to do a photo op.
BTW: I know I already posted this in the comments over at Life's a highway and mine's surrounded by corn, but the original painting depicts a father and DAUGHTER, not his wife.

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  1. Shivering! I can always find more blankets, but I have HAD IT with this heat! I don't think I knew this was a father/daughter moment! Thanks for the FYI!