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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blog Hoppin' on Wednesday

It's been a long, busy week at work, post-State Fair. So, I'm just trying to de-fry my brain by being a vegetable on the computer. I don't have anything left to come up with blog-wise.

So, thought I'd just click around and do some blog hoppin'.

I did check out the canning blog party at:
the apple pie looks good!!

For the Working Mommy Wednesday question o' the week:
#2: Do you have your own bank account or a joint account with your husband?
A: We have always had joint bank accounts.
This was in spite of my soon-to-be mother-in-law freaking me out when she told me I need to keep my own bank account and my own money.
(What is she trying to tell me? I wondered.)
Well, as it turns out, she explained that at the age of 23 (like me back then), she was widowed when her first husband (along with three others) was killed in a boating accident. (She was one of two survivors.)
Anyway, all of their joint finances (that is, everything) were locked down until probate settled weeks later. She had to borrow money to buy groceries, pay rent--even replace her only pair of glasses. Of course, this was back when credit cards were rare.
While we've always had joint accounts, we've always kept our credit cards in our own names, so we have access to some type of funds in an emergency.


  1. Thanks so much for "hopping" on over and for the follow.

    I hope you have a wonderful night and stay in-touch!


  2. Also...the "Follow" feature is down for some reason...but I will come back by and try to follow later...hopefully they will have that fixed soon. :)

  3. thanks for partying with us today. I hope you signed up for the give-a-ways over on Jen's blog too!!

  4. wow. crazy story, but yes, times are different now. thanks for sharing!

  5. How sad! What an awful experience! By the way I saw those big marshmellows this week at the store and pointed them out to my hubby!!!

  6. im still getting used to Americans paying with Checks. In the Netherlands we stopped doing that for hmmm, lets see, 15 years now? I can remmember my mom writing checks in the grocery store, but i was still a very little girl. So it was a huge suprise to us to come to this country who most of the time is ahead of Europe, still writes checks...