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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Honkin' Big Marshmallows!

Wordless Wednesday:
These things are huge!

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Working Mom Wednesday:
WMW is supposed to blog about a working mom topic or answer one of the following questions:

#1. What is your most stressful time of day and why?

#2. If you could have one day all to yourself, how would you spend it?
I'd get an old movie I've seen about a dozen times (like a Ma & Pa Kettle flick or something with Doris Day), put it in to play in the background while I sew my eyeballs out on something. Then, after lunch, I'd take a nap--just because I can. Then I'd go back to sewing, unless I had a good book from the library.


  1. oh, I'm popping over from Wordless Wed. by the way

  2. thanks for joining us today!! a day to veg out would be soooo cool!

  3. Here for WMW, sounds like a lovely day!

  4. Here from WMW. I saw those marshmallows in the store the other day. My daughter was in love. :)

  5. I heard about these at the lake, but I thought everyone was pulling my leg. That's what they get for trying to do that all the time. Now where are the super-sized graham crackers and chocolate bars? ;-) How many of those do you need for Rice Crispy Treats?????

  6. Those are huge!!!! If you put them in hot chocolate they would take over the mug. Crazy!

  7. We have those marshmallows, in the wrong hands, those things can make a huge mess. By wrong hands I mean mine:)
    Thanks for stopping by our blog the other day, what a small world it is!

  8. Saw these out West but haven't seen them here - where did you find them? Love to roast them!

  9. Hi Mama D, Thanks for coming to my blog... I hope you come back... I raised my two younger sons by myself (divorce) ---and worked fulltime... It wasn't easy through those teen years, but they came out fine... My three sons are now 47, 40 and 39....

    The key with raising teens I think is TRUST and COMMUNICATION....Good Luck!!!!! I have alot of days to myself (with my sweet hubby) now because we are retired... Life is GOOD....

    Come back to my blog anytime.

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