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Thursday, August 12, 2010

I want to go back to kindergarten

School started today and I already want it to end. The first day is always the worst. My homeroom this year is in the science lab so I have to walk all the way down stairs.We have the same teachers as last year with the same rules which we have to go over again in every class. I like school though. I get to see my freinds and I have awsome teachers. We have a lot of fun and goof off a lot in class.
But I have decided kindergarten was the life. We got naps, snack, and lots of coloring.   

I'm trying my first Linky Party:


  1. Amen! Don't forget show and tell on Fridays!

  2. Yeah, loved those milk and cookie breaks! Hang in there Little D. Life will be fun and interesting for you, and I can always help with an English question!