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Friday, December 31, 2010

Holidays on the Farm

When I think back about the holiday season growing up on a farm, the thing that really comes to mind is cutting our own Christmas tree from "the back 40".

We were always a Live Tree family.

Tromping out to the woods behind the house, always on a cold, cold day, to pick out the perfect tree with my Dad was an annual tradition.

Only we never got to pick the perfect tree.

We always had to get an icky-old cedar tree--and usually one with a flat spot on the back (because it was going up against the way anyway).
Dad was (is!) a practical kind of guy.

I always, always, always wanted to have one of those pretty, perfectly conically shaped pine trees that smelled sooo good.

But we had to save those. For what I don't know.

The few pines we had were ones Dad had planted himself. Many were from seedlings he'd brought back from a visit to Georgia.

Looking back, I have to admit, the cedar trees weren't so bad--especially now that I live in a fake-tree home (The Husband has allergies that banned the live tree a long time ago! This is our plastic tree as it is this year.).

I think it was more of an issue of The Forbidden Fruit that made the cedars seem so awful. Besides, it seemed we had at least 2.3 million of them on our Southern Indiana hills. And cedar trees are basically the vegetative equivalent of rats.

I do have one of the old glass ornaments we used to adorn those scrubby cedar trees. We had these in red and green.
I always loved them...
Just don't tell my mom that I swiped one when I was digging in the attic a few years ago!

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Have a Happy New Year!


  1. LOVE your vegetable equivalent comment! Made me chuckle! I miss the real trees too. My mom has the same allergies, so we just got out of the habit! That and Benton County calls any group of five trees or more a woods! No tree farms real close to us!

    Happy New Year!

  2. I am pretty sure I would like your Dad! Although your Dad was practical I also always pick the Charlie Brown trees because I feel sorry for them!!!! Your fake tree is beautiful!

  3. I grew up in a live tree house, but now we are a pre-lit artificial kinds of house. Love the ornament that you "borrowed."

  4. Great tree!!!
    And thanks and yes I miss you too but I made some great new years resolutions!

  5. Just wanted to let you know we ate your sausage cornbread casserole this weekend. It tasted great with a little ketchup on these cold winter nights.