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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Check Out This Manicure

Yeah, school is still out, and the daughters decided to do my nails...

Blue cheetah, thanks to a manicure set they got for Christmas...

But I got even.
I went out in public with is today! hahaha!


  1. That is fun. I think I would run around with those nails.

  2. Isn't it great having your nails done?? Drop by my blog and see what I posted.

  3. Impressive that they can do that!

  4. Hi BigD!
    Thanks for the visit to my blog! You are correct, it's pretty mild where I live (I grew up in Toronto so I've done serious winter!) It rarely goes below 32F in the winter and if we get snow it rarely lasts the day. That being said, the weatherman predicts we are to have a colder and snowier winter this year so I'm bracing myself! But I'm nervous, my blood is pretty thin :) Hope you have a great day!

  5. Just heard on the Early Show that leopard anything is IN this year, so it looks to me like you are a step ahead of the game! WOOOO! YEAH! YOU!!!! Never change your spots~!

  6. Just popped by to see your great pic, a bit of a gothic feel going on! It could be worse they could have done your make up too!!If you have a few minutes spare please pop by and visit me (I have a really cute photo this week)
    Helen x

  7. I think the polish needs to come off today.
    The Husband even commented that it's creeping him out, as he made reference to my creepy Goth cousin.

  8. I don't think blue cheetah would be my color either, but I am jealous of your girls' nail painting skills! I could NEVER paint my nails that dark of a color without everyone thinking a toddler did it. Light colors that you can't really see how much I got on my skin work best for me. haha