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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Look At Me: I'm a Hillbilly

So, I got to work yesterday and I discovered that my shoe, a flip-flop, is near death... I mean, literally, hanging on by a string.

So, being the Girl Scout that I am, I got out my trusty stapler and stapled the toe-thingy to the top so the little string holding it together would hang on just a few more hours. Why? Because I was packed for a short business trip--not going home I might add--and wouldn't be at until Thursday night. Now, I don't plan on being in these for two straight days. I brought my good ol' duck boots, since I'm the part of the Indiana Soybean Alliance's farm tour this week.That said, the staples lasted about 6 hours. That means a fix-it upgrade: electical tape!
(Duct tape was not easily found at the hotel.)
Won't I look classy at the wine tasting tonight??

I will note that I expected more from these shoes: I bought them 6 years ago in an after-season sale for $2.50. WHERE is the quality these days?? (haha)


  1. Too funny! At least you didn't try to hot glue them with your piggies still in there!

  2. LOL! Been there before:)
    but those sandals should of lasted you at least another 2 years for that outrageous price:)

  3. Love It! Put some electrical tape on the other one and tell people you bought them that way!!!!

  4. i love it! that's like 42 cents a year!