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Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer Holiday Fun: Kayaking the White River

The weather this Labor Day was too, too fabulous to stay in (or do much-needed yard work!). So, Little D and Baby D and I headed out for a kayak trip on the White River. I recently discovered this place and it's not too far from home for a good half-day trip.Here's Little D taking a break from paddling.

We had a great time paddling. This is the first time I let the girls do a single kayak. They did great!
Here's BabyD taking off without us!
Then, one Nameless Daughter got a little tired after more than 2 hours paddling. So, here's my hillbilly solution: Use the string-style backpack to tie the kayaks together, so I could tow her!!!
It did the trick, but boy are my arms tired!!!
The Husband opted out, because he was a bit stressed about getting some stuff done around the house before going back to work tomorrow.
He did have a fire in the backyard fire pit waiting for us when we got home, so we snarfed down hot dogs and marshmallows for dinner.
Now, everyone's out of the shower, and it's time for bed!!!


  1. How fun! Ever since kayaking in Hawaii a couple of years ago, I've wanted to get back out and do it around home. I'll have to get the location from you sometime!

  2. I can't wait until the girls are a bit older so we can do some of that! We try to go down to Hilton Head right after our fair for some much needed R 'n R, and they have kayak trips to the wetlands between islands. The dolphins will come right up to your boat sometimes. Maybe if we do that, I will finally get my "Great Dolphin" picture. I'm not ready for my National Geographic job when it comes to capturing those creatures, but I think it's because I need a more powerful camera that will take multiple pictures within seconds! At least that is my story! If I actually get one of those lovely cameras, I probably wouldn't take it out in the water with me on a Kayak trip right? ;-)