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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Don't Do My Hair... My Hair Does Me

I've long contended that I don't do my hair, but my hair does me.
I don't know what was going on today, but I had four--count them: 4!!--people tell me my hair looked really, really good today.
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What the heck was going on? I don't know!

All I did was (hold on to your seats, ladies, here comes The BigD Beauty Tip O' The Week):
Part it on the other side.
(I can hear the breath being sucked out of you in utter shock from here!)
I guess I haven't done that in a while, and it seems it was quite the hit. Go figure.

Honestly, if I had my way, I'd revert to an era when hats were socially acceptable on a day-to-day basis. And not baseball caps, either.
I would've made a darn-good royal. I don't know why we commoners can't wear hats, too. I think all of us women who have frizzy locks, cow licks and graying tresses need to band together to bring back The Hat as a common, everyday fashion accessory!

Is anyone with me on this one?

You can't have a Bad Hair Day, when you have a Great Hat Day!
I must admit, I did give this a try once. A few years ago, my church was having a ladies dinner/event one evening that had a hat theme. So, I say to myself, just giddy with excitement, "What better excuse to wear a hat all day?"
So, I put on the perfect chapeau to compliment my favorite suit, which--if I say so myself--resulted in a lovely spring ensemble ready to take on anything. And I went to work, beaming.
The second person I run into was my boss. He started to ask me something, then just stopped. I prompted him to continue. His reply?
"I had something to say, but the hat totally distracted me."
I need a new boss.
This Week's Working Mom Wednesday Question:
#1. Having a career/job makes me a better/ worse mother. (why/why not?)
A: I think it makes me better. I just don't have the temperament of those women who stay home with their kids all day. God has blessed me with a certain level of patience, to which He is adding to daily. However, I don't think He doled out that much to me.
My girls know a lot about what I do. They spend time (entire days, sometimes) with me at my work. I think I've helped them have some perspective on career options.
I will, however, instill in them that they have a choice about working--not the message I got from my working mom. I went into motherhood pretty-much thinking I had to work to be a productive member of the marriage/family. I never considered not working--until I had kids. I just didn't know any better, I guess.
Regardless, I really enjoy my work and I think I'd be a really anal, obsessive, helicopter mom if I didn't. And I think that makes my kids better, too.


  1. Good answer.

    Although I want my daughters to get a good education and good jobs thereafter, I also want them to have the choice whether to continue working or become a stay-at-home mum in the future.

    My generation was brought up to believe we could "have it all!" I want to warn my daughters that this is seldom achievable and that they must make choices in order to achieve their work/life balance.


  2. I'm with Mamma Kerr. I'm not sure I have/had the temperament to stay at home with our girls, but I knew couldn't me a mom and a high school English teacher and to justice to anyone. There sure are times I miss the kids, my friends, and the independence, but the cost for me would have been too great.

    I think wither way, it is important to know your own self and what you can and cannot do. That is not always so easy, but it helps if you answer the question honestly to yourself.

    On a fun note, I am with you on the hat thing. I actually wish 80's-90's big hair would come back so I could just get the perm and be good to go!

  3. haha!! your hair comment CRACKED ME UP!! excellent tip for us working moms!! ;)

    totally wish i could wear a hat, like all day.

  4. I understand that I don't do my hair my hair does me. For me I'm stuck with the 80's hair curly and crazy some days it works and some days not so much. Funny you said the 80's one of my co-works got on me the other day and said I had the hair band hair going on.