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Friday, October 1, 2010

Who Doesn't Wear a Seat Belt???

In this day and age, who in the world doesn't wear a seat belt?!?
Heck, my car chimes "buckle up, you idiot" until you strap in.
Today, we were right behind a one-car accident. The woman was cut-off by the guy in front when he changed lanes, then slammed on the breaks. I doubt he noticed the results.

Any way, we pulled over to see if we can help, called 911, and stayed with the woman until EMTs arrived. Pretty obvious she wasn't wearing her seat belt!!! She ended up being thrown into the front passenger seat!

The good news is: In addition to wearing a bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper, she had a bloody forehead and mouth, but was not seriously hurt.
What was she thinking?
A good reminder for us all!!!


  1. I don't know... my mom was in an accident when I was a teenager and the belt literally saved her life (the van rolled into a creek).

    I am a big time seatbelt and proper usage of 5 point car seats person...

  2. Yes, seat belts are a must.
    Thank-you for following my blog.
    I am following you back.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I wear my seatbelt and insist that anyone riding in my car put theirs on before I move an inch. Had an accident many years ago that was a definite "come to Jesus" moment.... Had the seatbelt on and STILL ended up in the back seat of the car. (I was driving and hit a patch of black ice) Had a good look at the car the next day at the junkyard (it rolled several times) and right above the drivers seat there was a hole in the roof with huge sharp jagged metal points going INTO the car. Could have been my head, but the seatbelt broke....

    What do you do with a revelation like that? I will obviously never know what would have (or could have) happened if I hadn't been wearing that belt, but I still wonder if it would have been better or worse.

    Anyway, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower. What a great way to meet other bloggers! Hope you stop by and visit now and then. I know that I'll be checking in here to read about you and Little D. My daughter is 26 now and I never would have believed it, but we have an amazing relationship. (the teen years were brutal! LOL)

    Blessings and Peace,

  4. I had an accident about 11 years ago and the EMT that responded to the scene yelled at me for NOT wearing a seatbelt (I was pregnant at the time). He was definitely right and I was definitely STUPID! I have worn a seatbelt every day since!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Just became a follower of yours. :-)

  5. Very scary! I will never understand why people don't wear seatbelts. (But I do continually ignore the danger of opened beverages! I'll be wearing a huge Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee some day....)

    Thanks for visiting me from the 40 follow! I like the theme of your blog.

  6. My uncle was killed in a car accident. We don't know if a seatbelt would have saved him as it was a horrible accident, but we have all wore our seatbelts since then and I am a stickler on all who ride in my car.