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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Fun: Getting Lost in a Corn Maze--Twice!!

So, LittleD was supposed to do this post, but she's gotten consumed by her Computer Class project, and it could be spring if I wait on her to finish this...

Saturday was a beautiful fall day--maybe even a record high temp.
So, I decided to get everybody's hind ends out of bed and do something. This family has been acting like a bunch of slugs lately. Sleeping late, getting off schedule, accomplishing next to nothing on Saturday.

Thanks to Amy over at Two Maids A Milking, I had the perfect thing to do: Go to the corn maze!

Before we got that far, we piddled around town, running errands and shopping for boots, killing time until The Husband could go with us. Only, his project at work wasn't going so well, so he backed out. Too bad for him!

The girls and I arrived at Kelsay Farms late in the afternoon, to a very toasty 85-degree day.
Our first mission: Conquer the corn maze.

We didn't have a map (we overlooked them as we came in), so we were at great risk of getting lost in five acres of corn stalks. But, not to fear, BabyD had a plan:

Drop kernels of corn Hansel-and-Gretel-style to make a trail...

One problem...

There was a LOT of corn already on the ground!

So, we wandered aimlessly for a while, exploring the maze, sometimes running into the same family going the other way. After a while, I came to the conclusion we were going in circles.

After we passed this spider for the third time!

It was lots of fun!

The best part: The girls decided to get along and leave the bickering behind for while!

We made it out of the maze alive, and went on to explore the other fun Kelsay Farm activities:

A tour of the milking parlor:

(I don't think poor Joe gets a day off!)

LittleD declared herself Queen of Straw Bale Mountain.

This was particularly popular in our family. The heap of straw bales featured hidden tunnels and a slide or two that ran through the center.
LittleD buried her sister in the corn pile. Can you find her little face sticking out?

Good times--until some kid stepped on her!

We took the hay ride and also petted some baby calves. Unfortunately, they were in the pen and not available for cuddling (see previous post here).
We played a few rounds of corn hole, ate grilled cheese and bought some squash. Then, as I'm thinking it was time to leave, it was 8:30 PM after all, we ran into our Kelsay Farms Hostess herself, Amy. She asked if we found all the clues in the corn maze scavenger hunt.
Truth was, no we didn't. We failed to pick up the card (which featured a map on the back side, so you could avoid seeing the same spider again and again). Now, my girls felt like they'd missed the whole point. So, at 8:45 PM back into the maze we went.
I have to note here that I suddenly found out I hadn't checked the batteries in the Mag Lite I keep in the car for probably two years. (What kind of Girl Scout am I?) So, in the dark of the night, we did the maze--and located all five, count them!, five scavenger hunt stops--to the light of my Mighty Palm Trio. (Yeah, it's old technology, but that battery will hang on to the end!)

We finally left the farm, tired but laughing, at 5 til 10. After a quick stop at White Castle on the way home to refuel (since The Husband wasn't there to object), we finally got to bed about 11:30. BabyD was so tired, she fell asleep on the floor in her room before I could get her in the shower. Which explains why she woke up the next morning with a kernel of corn in her ear!


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  3. Corn maize's are a fun family outing. We used to go to one in Iowa. Thanks for stopping at my place. I already am a follower of yours so I'll see you soon again.

  4. Corn in her ear certainly sounds like the mark of a great trip!

  5. Too funny! I am feeling left out, like I am the only one who did not make to Kelsey Farms! BUT I have actually been there several times thanks to everyone's blogs! :-) I am also thinking her ear might not have been the only place you found corn kernels on Little D ;-)

  6. I'm still finding corn kernels and bits of straw around the house after my nephews and I went there. So glad it was a hit!

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  8. glad to hear the girls enjoyed it. but I have to say you should win mom of the year for spending that much time in the corn maze.

  9. Ugh. Spiders! lol. Sorry, don't like them! lol

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  10. Wow that sounds like fun!!!! How amazing is a corn maze ~ I'd of gone back a second time too!!! The hay bale mountain looks amazing!!

  11. That sounded like an absolutely wonderful time! I miss going to farms in the Fall. When I lived back East we used to go apple picking and on lots of hay rides during this time of year. I feel like I am missing out. I think I'll have to look into what Arizona has to offer. :) Great pics too! Thanks for sharing. :)

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  13. Wow! That looks like you had a ton of fun! Love the last pic - not the stepping on part though - ouch!

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