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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Purse: A Train Wreck with a Strap

So today's Working Mommy Wednesday's topic is "What's in Your Purse?"

First, I have to say the purse I carry now is the biggest I've ever had.
(I'm goofing on my lunch hour, so I'll have to post a pic later, if I get a chance.)

I hate big purses because they tend to be catch-alls for all sorts of junk--particularly stuff belonging to my kids!
I reject the "Mommy, can you carry this for me?" now with "You have a purse of your own. Why didn't you bring it? I'm not your pack mule."

I don't carry it around much either. Most days (and nights) it just rides around in my car, waiting to be used at the grocery store. I have a work bag (which is primarily my lunch transport and a place for my wallet and home cell) and I really hate the idea of hauling around TWO pieces of personal luggage.

So, after a trip to the car, here's my inventory:
  • Cootie killer (aka purell)
  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • tooth picker/brush
  • Advil, tylenol and Sudafed (since I'm the walking family pharmacy)
  • 2 sad, sad-looking wrinkled kleenexes
  • 4 pens (3black, 1 red) and 1 highlighter
  • Softlips lip balm, vanilla flavor
  • 2 watches with dead batteries
  • return receipts from Target and Meijer
  • pad of sticky notes
  • Capstar pill for the dog (took her to the vet on Saturday; she has fleas--ick!)
  • Eucerin hand lotion sample
  • a Kitkat bar I won at my Girl Scout leader meeting Monday night--Don't tell my kids!
  • nametag from the National FFA Convention luncheon yesterday
  • wallet

My camera and two phones are usually in there, too.

It only looks this good because I purged last weekend--good thing this wasn't last week's question!


  1. that's not too bad!! coupons and receipts are inevitable. good for you for not carrying kids stuff. my daughter always wants to bring her cup of water, and i end up carrying it.

  2. I downsized when I started walking funny. I was listing to one side. I think that tells the tale right there!

  3. I think you and Leah have been hanging out together too long! ;0) Hee hee! I went smaller, but I cannot keep it closed. Time to dig in the closet for a winter purse!

  4. Totally agree with big purses being a catch all. It turns into more of a trash can after awhile.

  5. Oh that sounds just like my purse. A catch all for everything and no matter how many times I organize it the next day it is a wreck for sure. I am right there with you on the receipts as well...I always have return receipts in my purse!

  6. I have a confession when it comes to purses..... I like them..... and own several of them. Therefore I only allow myself to put 4 items in the purse so I have everything I need each time I change purses (which is usually daily) my keys, wallet, cellphone and chapstick. That's it. Good to see you at the Natl. FFA Luncheon this week.

  7. A train wreck with a strap. I love that!