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Thursday, November 25, 2010

A, B, Cs of Thanksgiving

Finding Joy  The ABC's of Thanks

Special Thanksgiving Link Up!
My blessings, from A to Z:
A: automobile—I have safe, reliable transportation.
B: bed—A warm, comfy place to sleep.
C: chocolate—Especially dark.
D: daughters—Two fabulous girls who have deepened the meaning of my life.
E: elephants—Someday I’ll own one of my own.
F: family—We were all together just a couple weeks ago for my dad’s 75th birthday.
G: grace—God’s supply is never ending.
H: home—A roof over my head to keep me warm and dry.
I: iced tea—Decaf, no sugar. Keeps me hydrated.
J: Jesus—Who loves me no matter what I am.
K: Kleenex—I’ve been battling a cold for a week!
L: libraries—Lots of free entertainment, resources and books!
M: music—As long as it’s not Miley Cyrus or Justin Beber.
N: nuts—Pecan, almonds, peanuts, cashews, hazel nuts.
O: opportunity—America provides so much opportunity for us all.
P: pork—My go-to meat, when I don’t know what to make for dinner.
Q: quilts—Love making them. Love sleeping under them.
R: roses—Blooming in the summer.
S: shoes—When I can find them in my size!
T: time—When I’m really productive and when I can slow down and enjoy the moment.
U: umbrellas—On a soggy day like today!
V: veggies—And the farmers who grow them!
W: windows—That let the sun shine in.
X: Xerox—What was life like before the modern copier?
Y: yellow—It’s a happy color.
Z: Ziploc baggies—Who invented those, anyway?


  1. LOVE dark chocolate and my warm comfy bed, which is where I am headed after this blessed but kind of long day!

    gobble gobble!

  2. WOW someday My Midget claims she will own an elephant - she loves them!
    Very nice list!

  3. Very nice list!! I enjoyed reading it tonight. You are blessed.

    Thank you for linking up -- I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!


  4. What a great post. I dropped in via the Follow Friday over 40 Blog Hop and am now signed up as your latest follower. I remember those teen years.....good luck!

  5. Hi Big D,
    I know we are already friends. Just popped in to say hello when I saw your name of the blog hop. You have so many blessings. You are a Dear Person. Have fun on the blog hop.
    Wanna buy a duck

  6. A terrific Thankful list! I am happy to be a new visitor and follow via Java!